Here you can find a description of the basic use, applications, and nuances of every tool in Garry's Mod used by the Tool Gun. There are 4 types of tools: Constraints, Construction, Poser and Render.

Feel free to contribute your knowledge.

Constraint-spawning tools Edit

Attaches two objects together with an axis so they may spin freely on the plane they were welded to.
Ball Socket
Attaches two objects together so that one object can rotate freely around the point at which it was attached to the other.
Adv. Ball Socket
Creates a ball socket joint and allows you to set movement limits.
Easy Ball Socket
Creates a ball socket joint between two objects but first moves them so that they are touching.
Connects two objects with a spring-like rope that, when compressed or stretched, will try to resume its original length.
Constraints objects with a hydraulic that will expand and contract whenever you press the bound key.
Keep Upright
Prevents a prop from falling over.
Same as axis but allows you make the props spin like a wheel using the numpad.
Constraints props and ragdolls with a hydraulic that will expand and contract repetitively whenever you press the bound key.
A simpler form of a weld. You click on a thin prop that has something behind it and a nail is shot through the prop into the object or brush behind it, holding the prop in place.
Constrain two objects with a rope passing through two pulleys.
Connects any two objects together with a rope.
A slider creates a path along a straight line for an object to travel along.
Joins two props together no matter where they are. They cannot be moved individually afterwards.
Easy Weld
The same as Weld, but first moves the objects so that they are touching.
A rope, the length of which can be changed using the numpad.

Construction tools Edit

Attaches a balloon prop that either pulls upward like a balloon or downward like a weight
Simulates pressing a key on your numpad. Useful when you want other people on a server to be able to use your contraptions.
Copies an entity or group of entities if they are fixed together.
Timed explosives, on the press of a button you can detonate it.
Simply add a hover-ball to anything you want to float. By using bound keys on your numpad you will be able to control the height of your hover-balls.
This tool can set any prop and certain NPC's on fire. Right clicking extinguishes the fire. If the prop is breakable, this will eventually break it. This is useful for making scenes and comics.
Spawns a dynamic light that shines in one direction.
Spawns a dynamic lightbulb that shines in all directions.
Emits effects such as shell casings or sparks.
Turns a prop into a magnet, clinging to all other props. Has the side effect of making props unbreakable.
No Collide
Stops two objects from colliding. Useful for preventing spazzing (aka the black hole effect).
Physical Properties
By adjusting the physical properties of an object you can easily change how an object interacts with other objects, as well the world. For example you can change the friction or buoyancy.
Firing this tool at anything that you spawn from the menu (props, ragdolls, npc's, etc.) will instantly delete it. Great for getting rid of dangerous npc's or spazzing constructions.
Thrusters provide force backwards and forwards from the direction of the thruster. Thruster power ranges from 0 to 10000, but highly depends on the mass of the model you choose.
Attaches wheels that can be controlled with the numpad. Similar to the Motor constraint.
Physics Gun
Allows you to manipulate any spawned prop.

Posing tools Edit

Eye Poser
Changes the direction a ragdoll's eyes are looking.
Face Poser
Modifies the expression of an NPC or ragdoll's face.
Finger Poser
Allows you to move a ragdoll's fingers.
Freezes a ragdoll in their current pose. Useful if you want to move a ragdoll somewhere without messing up its pose.
Inflate or deflate portions of a ragdoll.

Visual tools (Render) Edit

Colorizes entities.
Changes the material of an entity.
Places viewable cameras.
Sprays sprites across a surface.
RT Camera
Places the render target camera. This is a server-wide camera everyone can see.

Make an entity emit trails when it is moved

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